Yale’s Most Popular Class Ever: Happiness

Psychology and the Good Life, with 1,182 undergraduates currently enrolled, stands as the most popular course in Yale’s 316-year history. The previous record-holder — Psychology and the Law — was offered in 1992 and had about 1,050 students, according to Marvin Chun, the Yale College dean. Most large lectures at Yale don’t exceed 600.


It is sad that in 2013, "more than half of undergraduates sought mental health care from the university during their time..." at Yale.

I'd imagine this would be a similar statistic for many higher education institutions. It's hopeful to see such a overwhelming amount of attendees wanting to learn how they can improve their lives.

This course is so popular, that it is offered to the world for free on Coursera. It starts in March. I signed up for it.


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