Use this trick to save loads of time and angst when updating passwords

Let's get this out of the way first: updating your online passwords is about as exciting as flossing your teeth. Unfortunately, both need to be done regularly or you're eventually going to get in trouble. The dentist tells you to floss your teeth daily, but should you change your passwords every day? Heck no. So when should you knuckle down and update your online website information? There's no better time to change your passwords than January 1. You start the year off fresh. New calendar month, new mindset, new resolution goals, new passwords. Instead of logging into every website with your username and password, then navigating the labyrinth of account setting menu items, try this. Before you enter your username and password, click the "Forgot Password" link usually lurking around your login box.

After clicking Forgot Password, enter your email address and click submit. Usually within 10 seconds you'll receive an email containing a weblink taking you directly to a page to update your password. (Keep an eye on your Spam folder during this time, too.  Your reset password email may show up in there.)

Make a resolution in 2018 to get your online life in better shape. Start with your passwords, then take some time to check out the benefits of utilizing a password manager to save your brain from having to memorize all that information. Once you have your online house secure, read how two-factor authentication can add one more layer of security for you.


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