This year's Prime Day beat Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be the biggest day in Amazon's history

Amazon hasn't disclosed sales figures from Prime Day, but last week, JP Morgan analysts estimated the holiday would net Amazon $1 billion in revenue, a 55% increase over last year's Prime Day.

It just keeps growing and growing.

The Prime Collective (I might have to trademark that one) are starting to forego a web browser in favor of using an Amazon Echo to place their orders. #AmazonTechEcosystem

As a minimalist, I weep for society's need to binge-buy the non-essential. However, I'm chuckling at a silent, and growing, wave of consumers fed up with the face-twitching experience of brick-and-mortar retail shopping. They're not filling out comment cards or 1-800 "How are we doing?" feedback voicemail lines to tell retail businesses they're dissatisfied. They're spending their dollars online, leaving their cars in the driveway, and abandoning the mall.


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