Stop watching the news this year

Ryan Holiday nails it in his article, "Seriously, You—Ok, We—Need To Stop Watching The News This Year":

Stop watching the news. Turn off all the alerts on your phone. Alerts for texts, for social media, remove the news sites from your phone as well. Delete Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—all of them. You can still consume information of course, but see what happens when you don’t carry it around in your pocket and allow it to interrupt you in the middle of everything that you do.

It's 2018. Why are we still allowing others to interrupt our lives with a ping, a vibrating buzz, or a beep?

When was the last time a "Breaking News" alert actually impacted your life or your family?

Every "news" source is hell-bent on being "first" with information. Since when did a breaking news story have all the facts? How many times have the follow up reports to a breaking news story had confirmed sources and accurate information. Breaking news often isn't the most accurate source of information.

Wait. Breathe. Let a news story evolve. Decide when you want to learn about what's going on in the world. Take control of your mind space.

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