A password even the President and First Lady can remember

Last night I took our family doggie for an evening walk along a road that provides a spectacular view of our city. I'm half-listening to a tech podcast about LastPass, an online password manager. They were giving tips for creating a strong password for online accounts. I've always recommended my tech clients to use letters, numbers, and special characters, at least 12 of 'em, when creating a strong password. Bonus points if they use words that aren't in the dictionary, yet are easy to remember. And then it hit me out of nowhere. Family initials and birthdates.

Let's take President Obama*, for example. Take the initials and birthdates for him and his wife Michelle, throw in a special character for emphasis, and we get a solid password:

Barack Hussein Obama, born August 4, 1961. Michelle LaVaughn Obama, born January 17, 1964. BHO080461.MLO011764 Gibberish for the majority of us, but easy for the Obamas to remember!

Head over to howsecureismypassword.net and you'll learn that it would take two quadrillion years for a bad guy to crack this. Not only does the President have a strong password, he won't forget his wife's birthday. Plus, if Mrs. Obama flips things around, where her information is first and her hubby's afterwards, they now have complicated, strong passwords that both would be able to easily remember.

Apply this for your own family, and you'll be taking big steps toward securing your online life.