Here's why it feels like you have no free time, in one chart we spend our precious remaining free time — a period of just a few hours, during which we do many of the things that make us individuals — has changed dramatically.

This is a quick read with some sobering graphs that show just how much personal time is dedicated to our screens.

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Bonus Context - The article's source, Adam Alter, gave a fabulous 9-minute TED Talk regarding society's shift to screens. Fast forward to 6 minutes 30 seconds and marvel at the unexpected round of applause Alter received for this fact:

At Daimler, the German car company, they've got another great strategy. When you go on vacation, instead of saying, "This person's on vacation, they'll get back to you eventually," they say, "This person's on vacation, so we've deleted your email. This person will never see the email you just sent. You can email back in a couple of weeks, or you can email someone else."

When you're on vacation, you can really be on vacation. No more worrying about the pile of email waiting for you upon your return to the office. How many employees would immediately jump on their social media accounts to rave about working at a place that offers this?

We're halfway through 2017.  It's time for businesses to reconsider "we've always done it this way" and consider forward-thinking ways to invest in their employees that don't involve increased salary.

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