Essentialism — Keeping Your Device Streamlined

I have a maxim when it comes to maintaining my mobile phone and tablet.Only the apps I use on a frequent basis stay on my phone. Everything else gets deleted* or removed until I need it again. Less software on my device, less icons to have to sort through when finding what I’m looking for.

I don’t need the free Amtrak app on my phone all year, but when my mom is coming up to visit us, I’ll install it again to get immediate updates on her train’s arrival status. Once a month I pay our AT&T phone bill with its free app. When that time of the month arrives, I install it, log in with my account info (memorized, natch), pay with our stored financial info, receive my confirmation text message of payment, and delete the app for another month. One less icon crowding my other catalogue of apps.

By having confidence in your equipment, and realizing that deleting a mobile app doesn’t mean you’ll lose it forever, I believe you’ll gain steps towards utilizing your mobile device for only what is essential.

* Both Apple and Android stores let you re-install apps you purchased in the past without charging you again. Buy once, install over and over again.