Five Counterintuitive Actions for the New Year

Consider the following for the upcoming new year and watch your life improve:

  • Frequent a locally-owned restaurant enough times where the folks behind the counter not only remember your name, they remember what you order. Tip them well.
  • When you receive a coupon in the mail for $10 off an oil change from a national chain, throw it away. Instead, go to a local town mechanic; someone who will not only change your oil, but take the time to get to know your vehicle, shoot straight with you about fixes you need now, in the near future, or in the long-term. Tip them well.
  • Look for a grocery store checkout clerk who asks how you are doing and actually stops what they're doing to listen to your response. Go back to them even if it's a long line.
  • Frequent a downtown bar or microbrewery and not only be nice to the waiter or waitress, but tip them well enough so they'll remember you and what you drink when you come in the future. Enjoy looking like a big shot when you meet your friends there.
  • Stop when you see a youngster manning a lemonade stand on the side of the road. Fork over a $10 bill for a cup. Watch them lose their mind with excitement.

May 2017 be a year where we surprise the people we encounter with friendliness, patience, gratitude, and generosity. I guarantee the ROI on your kind actions will be more than you think.