Buy a laptop straight from Microsoft, avoid worry and confusion

When you buy a new Windows PC from Dell, HP, Acer, or anyone else, it comes loaded up with "helpful" little utilities pre-installed on the system. In the industry, it's a phenomenon known as "bloatware," "crapware," or "craplets," and it's a common practice: Often, software developers pay the manufacturer to have their products pre-installed. If you buy a computer from Microsoft, you get what it calls a "Windows 10 Signature Edition" PC. That's just Microsoft-speak for a PC without any of that bloatware, and with nothing pre-installed on it other than what comes with Windows 10 itself. It's clean and fresh for you to install what you want, as you want it.

Buying a device directly from the company has some sound logic to it. No bloatware on a Windows computer eliminates friction with  the real software you want to use. Just the OS, ma'am. Straight up, no chaser.

Google does the same thing with their Pixel smartphones when you buy directly from their Play Store. A slimmed down, stock Android operating system without the phone carrier app cruft. Less worry and less confusion for you.

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