Behind the Scenes

Not sure if this is a famous story or not, but I'd like to share a wonderfully-visual scene by a fellow named John Ortberg. 

Pretty inspiring, no? In discussing this story, Ortberg comments that we should:

...give thanks for unseen work. The stream stays alive only when it has gratitude for unseen work.

My career involves a great deal of work done behind the scenes. Tasks that will never make headlines in the newspaper, nor will get me my own reality show. It's often a thankless job since most people don't understand what I do. But that's okay; my personality is not one to seek the spotlight. I enjoy being in the background. But every time someone sends some praise my way, it makes me feel good and I take notice.

I submit to you, dear reader, that we should look for people around us who work behind the scenes. Those who are rarely noticed. Those who don't receive appreciation for their efforts. The custodian who cleans our office workplace or our children's school. The person taking our money and handing us our food in the drive-thru lane. The bus driver quietly chauffeuring us to our destination. The young person bagging groceries for us. You'll see more in your daily walk. Take notice. Observe how quietly and unassuming they are doing their job. Then watch their facial expression change as you deliberately, genuinely thank them for their help or ask them how they're doing and actually wait for their answer. Any kind of attention sent their way to show them that these people matter as a person.

May we all surprise people with the good kind of attention. The good kind of thanks. The kind we deserve.