A More Realistic Approach to Extending Your Phone's Battery Life

The Minimalists took a cutesy path to making your device last longer:

  • Put it in airplane mode.
  • Put it in a drawer.
  • Do something that doesn't involve a glowing screen.

Great advice, guys.

For the rest of us who actually use our phone on a regular basis, how about offering some actual ideas to save battery life on your device?

Screen Brightness - Go to your phone's display settings. Lower your screen brightness to about 30%. You'll still get to view your screen, and you should be getting a couple more hours' life out of your phone.

Bluetooth - Turn off Bluetooth when you aren't needing to use an earpiece, a portable speaker, or another peripheral.

Low Power Mode - If you have an iPhone, set it to Low Power Mode in the settings. This will conserve power consumption by limiting a lot of background processes until you charge it again.

Reduce Motion - Again, for iPhone users, go into your Accessibility settings and turn off Reduce Motion.

Auto-Lock - In your phone settings menu, reduce the Auto-Lock to a shorter timeframe. Less screen time used to drain battery.

Calibrate your phone's battery -  Once a month, let your phone run down its battery to 0%. Plug it in to charge fully to 100%. Try to not use the phone while charging. After the phone is fully charged, try a "warm reboot" by holding the on/off button and home button until your phone's startup logo appears.

Apply these six methods to your routine, and hopefully you'll prolong your enjoyment of your phone for months and years to come.